The mind imagines a beauty that only the heavens can recreate

It was beautiful.
The shining stars that brightly lived so far away from the surface of my home, the snow that didn't want to leave, sticking stubbornly to the ground, creating a mushy, dirty slush. The trees entwined with Christmas lights with droplets of ice and snow, reaching off the branches, that imitated foggy diamonds. The darkness covered any blemishes or imperfections on the nighttime scene, the heavenly glow surrounding the trees and sky so rare, so precious, that for a moment, a brief and breathtaking moment, I believed I could reach out and grab each piece of this intricately woven design and put it in my warm, coat pocket...
Yet, I could not.
The good things in life: the breathless moments, the flashes of heaven, the breaths of ecstasy and the words of devotional, never ending love, cannot always last long. But, do not fear, because instead of in your eyes and mind, these secret passes of time have passed into a safer place.
Your soul.


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